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Nem tudo s√£o flores!
Tomas LancastreJul 8, 20240 comments
It's not all flowers!
Of the various values by which we are guided at Microgreens, the one that weighs the most daily is, without a doubt, our obsession with customers. And it’s really true,...
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9 anos de Microgreens
Tomas LancastreJul 2, 20240 comments
9 years of Microgreens
Thinking that all this started as a mere idea in college and now, 9 years later, we are a team of 20 absolutely extraordinary human beings, with a production area...
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Este post não é para pessoas sensíveis!
Tomas LancastreJun 25, 20240 comments
This blog post is not for sensitive people!
Szechuan, known in Brazil as jambu, is a powerful plant native to the Amazon. Its sparkling and fresh taste, along with its electric and anesthetic effect that causes instant numbness in...
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Sa√ļde em flor - flores comest√≠veis e os imensos benef√≠cios para a sa√ļde
Tomas LancastreJun 18, 20240 comments
Health in Bloom - Edible Flowers and Their Immense Health Benefits
Edible flowers offer significant health benefits due to their nutritional properties. By incorporating them into your diet, you can take advantage of essential nutrients that contribute to a balanced diet....
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Beldroega - o superalimento mais desvalorizado!
Tomas LancastreJun 11, 20240 comments
Purslane - the most underrated superfood!
Purslane, "Portulaca oleracea", is a creeping plant that grows in temperate climates. Its green, succulent, and fleshy leaves have a mild and slightly acidic flavor, often compared to spinach. Used...
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Cucamelons - pequenos, mas poderosos!
Tomas LancastreMay 27, 20240 comments
Cucamelons - small but mighty!
The size of a grape, about 1 to 2 centimeters, and resembling a mini watermelon, these small fruits taste like cucumber with a hint of acidity. This hybrid, native to...
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