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Quais as folhas de Shiso certas para mim?

Which Shiso leaves are right for me?

We know that sometimes having many options can be a bit overwhelming. If you don't know which shiso to choose, what the differences are between them, and which shiso is right for your dish, then pay attention to this post!

Shiso, also known as Japanese basil or mint, is an indispensable aromatic herb in Asian cuisine, particularly prominent in Japanese cooking. Its leaves, loaded with complex flavors and special nuances, can elevate any dish, whether as a garnish, decoration, seasoning, or even as a star ingredient. 

There are several types of shiso, although the most well-known are green and red. At Microgreens, we produce 4 varieties of shiso all year round: green shiso, bicolor shiso, curly green shiso and curly red shiso 

Let's talk about each of them in detail:

With an intense green hue, Green Shiso is a sturdy leaf packed with flavor. 

This is a Korean shiso variety, whose essence combines refreshing mint notes with a subtle touch of anise and licorice, creating a unique taste experience.

This versatile ingredient is a perfect complement for raw fish dishes, such as sushi and sashimi. Additionally, it is an excellent addition to fresh salads, cheese boards, and gourmet sandwiches, or to add a special touch to traditional Japanese dishes, such as tempura and yakitori. It can also be used in tacos as a substitute for the traditional tortilla. 

Available all year round and easily stored at cool temperatures, the Green Shiso Leaf is an indispensable element for a touch of flavor and freshness.

The Bicolor Shiso Leaves, also of Korean origin, have a dry green color on the upper side of the leaf and purple on the underside. 

With a flavor reminiscent of mint, they are somewhat sweet, bitter, and umami, with a salty and sour touch.

They can be used raw, fried, or sautéed, in gels, infusions, and syrups. 

They pair well with chocolate, shellfish, fatty fish, apple, cucumber, and grapefruit, ants and other insects, intense dishes and sauces like mole, nuts, among others. 

The Curly Green Shiso Leaves originate from Japan and have a very intense flavor, a mixture of mint and anise. In addition to being used for sushi, sashimi, and other raw fish dishes, they can also be used as a complement to other dishes, such as salads, meats, pasta, fish stews, or to prepare infusions. 

Add these chopped leaves to your tuna tartare or wrap a piece of tuna with soy sauce in a shiso leaf for an extra touch of flavor.

From seasoning marinades to decorating main dishes, the possibilities are endless. 

Rich in nutrients, these leaves also have anti-allergic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

With a distinctive cumin-like flavor, strong and somewhat spicy, the Curly Red Shiso Leaves bring a truly unique touch. They are a Japanese variety, known for their versatility and pronounced flavor, they can be fried in tempura (like "peixinho da horta"), sautéed, or used as decoration, to add elegance and flavor to your dishes, cocktails, or aromatic mocktails. 

In addition to pairing well with fish and seafood dishes, like the other leaves, the Curly Red Shiso Leaves also perfectly complement game dishes (pheasant, goose, pigeon, and quail) and mushrooms. 

They are an excellent decorative option, especially in autumn dishes or as a natural dye. 

In Japan, no fish dish is complete without shiso! It is indeed a unique product, and only those who try it understand everything we are saying here. The good part is you don't need to go to Japan to try it; we have it here, all year round, for your enjoyment! 

All that's left to say: get to work! :)

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