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Cucamelons - pequenos, mas poderosos!

Cucamelons - small but mighty!

The cucamelons are one of our favorite summer fruits! 

The size of a grape, about 1 to 2 centimeters, and resembling a mini watermelon, these small fruits taste like cucumber with a hint of acidity. 

This hybrid, native to Mexico and Central America, is also known as Mexican sour cucumber, Mexican watermelon, or pepquinos.

In terms of flavor, cucamelons have a unique taste profile that combines the spiciness of a cucumber with a citrus touch and some acidity, making them a refreshing snack and a versatile ingredient in various dishes.

In terms of color, cucamelons have a bright green hue with a striped pattern similar to watermelons, adding a splash of color to dishes, salads, cocktails, and refreshments.

In the kitchen, they are an unexpected addition to appetizers or fruit salads, and a peculiar and delicious garnish for main courses and side dishes.

They are often used to add a crunchy texture and a spicy, fresh, and acidic flavor to a variety of dishes, and can also be used in pickles or enjoyed alone as a healthy snack, as they are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants and many of the same benefits associated with cucumbers. 

Swap the conventional cucumber for this fruit, mix it with other summer fruits (tomato, watermelon, berries), with purslane, beetroot, feta cheese, burrata. The options are limitless, but the result is always the same - delicious and unique!

Did you already know about this small but mighty fruit? 

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