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9 anos de Microgreens

9 years of Microgreens

Thinking that all this started as a mere idea in college and now, 9 years later, we are a team of 20 absolutely extraordinary human beings, with a production area of 4200m² of greenhouses and half a hectare outdoors, with around 140 products, and more than 600 recurring customers throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. And this, always together, side by side, with one purpose: to do our work better and deliver more value every day.

Despite all the achievements, we remain humble and grateful. Grateful for all those who are part of this incredible community that has been built on the basis of respect and trust, and consolidated - loyal customers, friends, family, team members - but also for those who have always contributed and marked our journey in some way up to now. 

It is true that being lucky takes a lot of work, but still, we are very lucky.

If all this were a musical metaphor, then today, we would all be part of a great orchestra, with all its complexity, where each place is a well of talent, and which plays, every day, in a more tuned, unison, and harmonious way.

To our Maestro Tomás, exemplary leader of the rhythm, direction, and tone of this group, thank you for teaching, motivating, and helping this great orchestra with precision, balance, unity, and energy.

To many more!

Best wishes to all!


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