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Nem tudo são flores!

It's not all flowers!

Of the various values by which we are guided at Microgreens, the one that weighs the most daily is, without a doubt, our obsession with customers. And it’s really true, we really are obsessed with all of you! And that’s why our commitment to the quality and safety of our products is unwavering and that’s why we work daily to guarantee the best products, with the best quality, all year round! We have the largest production and structure we ever dreamed of having, the best there is in this country, but we are not a factory, and much less a florist... We try to have a hand in everything and that’s where our biggest frustrations come from, but unfortunately, there are things we can’t contain, not always, not 100%.

With the arrival of summer, we face a monumental challenge: the spread of pests. The heat, humidity, and abundance in our greenhouses are paradise for the uncontrolled spread of various pests. At this time of year, controlling these pests, when it comes to truly edible flowers, and in the way we do it, becomes more complicated due to the climatic conditions favourable to their development. Although this can be a problem, we want you to know that we are super dedicated.

Anyone who already knows us knows that we only opt for biological pest control methods, completely avoiding the use of phytopharmaceutical products (insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, …). But what is this biological pest control? In essence, it means that we use natural solutions to combat pests, such as natural predators (good bugs that eat bad bugs), crop rotation, irrigation control, among other techniques.

This is a daily struggle that we do not always win and, honestly, we will never win 100%. Our goal is to produce and maintain healthy and pest-free crops, of course, but without ever compromising the safety and quality for which we are known. However, it is important to understand that this method of ours may result in the presence of some bugs in our boxes. We understand that it is unpleasant, but see it as a seal of quality. In any case, if this happens, you can dip the product in ice water for 15 minutes with 2% white wine vinegar to sanitise.

We are constantly improving our biological control techniques, we are accompanied weekly by the best European company in this type of resource and we invest daily in solutions that never compromise our philosophy. And we are grateful. We deeply appreciate all your support and understanding, because it is thanks to all of you, loyal customers, with values aligned with ours and who always walk by our side, that we can continue to innovate, always with the goal of bringing you the best products.

There is much of us in Microgreens and much of Microgreens in all of us! Thank you for being part of our journey!

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