Microgreens is a company specialized in the production and commercialization of microgreens (micro vegetable greens or aromatic herbs) and edible flowers. In the protected environment of a greenhouse, microgreens, or micro vegetables and flowers   find the right conditions to develop in a healthy, robust and tasty way.

The adaptation of climatic conditions, together with the passion to offer an innovative and distinctive product, were crucial factors for Microgreens to position itself as one of the largest producers in Portugal.

Our products are an explosion of flavors, have an exceptional color and an undeniable quality. All of this is only possible thanks to the attention and care given to production, harvesting and packaging methods. They are harvested by hand, at the peak of their freshness and according to the orders obtained so that they do not lose the characteristics for which Microgreens is known.

Motivation and dedication are a constant feature at Microgreens that intend to offer a product of excellence, adapted to a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Innovation also takes an active role in our company as we work hard to create unique and original ideas that can be introduced, in order to increase our product portfolio.

“A SMALL flavored idea”

Microgreens was born from an idea for a marketing project by a young university student, who ended up changing the course of his life and investing in his entrepreneurial dream.

With the project and a fictional website designed to give credibility to a final chair presentation, orders for real orders began to appear. These “clients”, after being informed about the real situation, encouraged the creation of a company that, finally, produced microgreens in Portugal.

Enthusiastic, Tomás Lancastre, graduated in management from the Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, embarked on this adventure, dedicating himself to what he really likes: agriculture.