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If you're adventurous and enjoy trying new things, then discover our Szechuan Buttons! You’ll find that they provide a whole new experience and will elevate your cocktails, starters, desserts, ice creams, and infusions to a new level. Don’t be fooled! Despite their small size and 'harmless' appearance, these are extremely powerful! Szechuan, known in Brazil as jambu, is a powerful plant native to the Amazon. Its sparkling and fresh flavour, along with its electric and numbing effect that causes instant mouth numbness, makes it perfect as a palate cleanser between dishes. The button (Szechuan flower) has a very potent flavour. It starts with an explosion of flavours on the tip of the tongue, followed by a refreshing sensation and numbness in the cheeks. Despite the initial shock, this experience brings a growing curiosity and appreciation for the different sensations. Order, try, test, and be amazed!