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Our coriander is an aromatic and versatile option to enhance the flavour of your dishes. With subtle citrus notes and the characteristic aroma of coriander, this herb will transform your cooking. They stand out for their delicate, verdant leaves, exuding a fresh, citrus aroma, available all year round. They originate from Indian cuisine, where they are widely used in various dishes, from curries to soups. Pair them with fish or poultry to enhance the flavour of your dishes, or add them to soups for an extra touch of aroma. They are also ideal for salads, adding a vibrant and refreshing touch. Coriander microgreens are much richer in vitamin C and carotenoids than their mature counterparts, giving them far superior antioxidant properties. With a balanced flavour between the citrusy and the mild coriander, these herbs add a touch of freshness to any dish - an indispensable herb in any kitchen.