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Meet Nasturtium, the young sprout of Nasturtium that will bring an explosion of flavours to your cooking! This small herb promises to surprise your palate with its rich history and unique taste. With its delicate lily pad-shaped leaves and vibrant colour, Nasturtium has a crunchy texture that hides a spicy and refreshing flavour, awakening your senses and making each bite an explosion of flavours. From the initial horseradish notes to the intensely spicy finish, this is a true “must-have.” Nasturtium is a versatile addition, perfect for adding a spicy touch to fresh salads, garnishing meat dishes, or even adding a surprise to sandwiches and wraps. Its versatility also makes it a great complement in soups or risottos, elevating the flavour and presentation of the dish to a new level. Originating from the Andes, this plant made its way to Europe in the 16th century, coming from Peru. The peculiar shape of its leaves, resembling a shield, granted it the status of a symbol of victory. Available year-round, Nasturtium is a reliable companion for your menu dishes.