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The Zucchini Flower is a delicacy! Widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, especially in Spain and Italy, these flowers have silky golden petals and range in size from 7 to 12 cm, with a neutral and mild flavour. Versatile and very easy to use, they can be stuffed, breaded and fried in batter, gratinated, added to frittatas, omelettes, or used raw in salads. In main dishes, try using them to decorate grilled fish or roasted meats, where their mild flavour complements the main ingredients. They are also highly appreciated in soups, especially in light broths, where they add a soft texture and delicate flavour, and in vegetarian and vegan dishes, providing a nutritious and delicious alternative to other ingredients. A star in its own right, the Zucchini Flower proves that everything comes down to the product and that simplicity is also sophistication.