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Thanks to our heating system, our basil is available all year round and is a bold and fresh herb with basil flavours and subtle clove notes. As the leaves are young, they can be used whole. The flavour is especially enhanced when combined with veal, lamb, or chicken. Try adding it to pizzas, pastas, or sandwiches for a fresh touch of flavour. Additionally, it is perfect for enhancing the taste of vegetarian and vegan dishes, such as vegetable risottos or quiches. Its ability to be heated without losing flavour makes it extremely versatile. Used in kitchens around the world, this herb, associated with Italian and other Mediterranean cuisines, is also frequently used in Indonesian and Thai cuisine. There are about 150 different species in the basil family. These differences are reflected in the flavour and appearance. Here at Microgreens, we also have lemon basil - which has a delicious aroma and flavour of fresh lemon that is a good addition to fruit cocktails and alcoholic cocktails - and Thai basil with subtle aniseed notes that stand out best in combinations with seafood.