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Originally from north-east India and China, the Buddha's Hand lemon is a very peculiar citrus fruit, of great cultural and religious importance, which has been cultivated for hundreds of years. Easily recognizable by its unique shape that resembles elongated fingers, it differs from the others because it has no juicy pulp. Only the thick rind is edible and this is what makes it such a special product. It has large amounts of aromatic oil, is surprisingly sweet compared to the peels of all other citrus fruits and has a lemony flavor with hints of lavender and violet. Coveted by the world's gastronomic entourage and used mainly as a flavoring due to its intense citrus perfume with floral notes (think lemon blossom), Buddha's Hand Lemon can have multiple uses! It can be used in zest to flavor infusions, liqueurs and cocktails, essential oils, as a citrus dressing in salads, pastes, savory dishes and marinades or in candied strips in cakes, cookies and desserts. Because it is visually attractive, it is also used for decorative and ornamental purposes and as a natural air freshener (yes! it can be left in the fruit bowl for months and it will continue to give us its remarkable perfume!) We have a few of these for anyone who wants to explore their unlimited potential!