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We present our Arugula, an explosion of flavour in every leaf. With extra fine leaves and a vibrant green colour, arugula offers an intense experience for the palate. Its distinctive, nutty flavour is packed into every leaf, providing a touch of sophistication to any dish. This herb is incredibly versatile and can be used in various ways in cooking: from decorating milder dishes to enhancing the flavour of salads and mashed potatoes, it adds a special touch to any meal. Try using it in carpaccios, fresh salads, or a delicious pasta sauce with ham, cream cheese, and shallots. Its intensity of flavour makes it ideal for dishes that require an extra touch of taste. Originating from the Mediterranean, arugula is a well-known and appreciated ingredient in various cuisines around the world. With our Micro Arugula, you have the opportunity to incorporate all the intense flavour of arugula into any dish, adding a gourmet and sophisticated touch to your culinary creations.